Why SOM?

NAPTA is a national organisation, dedicated to sustainable public transport in Kenya and facilitating the interchange of ideas among transport researchers, investors, managers, workers, policy makers, and educators from all across the country.  The Alliance focuses on Research, Innovations, Advocacy, Training and Investments. It hosts various forums to bring together all key stakeholders in the public transportation space to learn from one another and offer solutions to pressing challenges in the sector.


We value institutional association with NAPTA that has been largely limited to voluntary attendance and sponsorships of our conferences and programs.  In order to strengthen this relationship and build closer interaction with institutions associated with transportation, NAPTA has introduced the concept of Supporting Organisational Membership (SOM).


Become a Supporting Organizational Member (SOM):

Fees: Membership runs for one year, and the fee is KSH 10,000.00 for a ONE year subscription.

Eligibility: All institutions and organisations


  • SOM name to be listed under ‘Supporting Organisational Members’ on the NAPTA website
  • SOMs can nominate up to 2 persons as members, each of whom will enjoy the same privileges as regular members
  • SOMs will have the option of displaying their logos at the bottom of the NAPTA website and on our conference material
  • SOMs are eligible for two complementary places at NAPTA’s Conferences and events.
  • SOMs are eligible for a discounted rate for a booth at the NAPTA’s Conferences and events.

    Benefits for Supporting Organisational Member (SOM) – ‘Nominated Persons’

     SOM Nominated Persons enjoy the same privileges as regular members, and this includes the following benefits:

    •  Participation in a truly national network of transport professionals, academics and practitioners, which is the only such nationwide network,  with over 1000 experts interested in transport research.
    • A wide variety of Special Working Groups (SWGs), each dedicated to a specific area from mode, specific policy and modelling, to solutions for climate change and disaster resilience. A full list of SWGs can be found at the NAPTA Website.
    • A free on-line subscription to the Alliance’s Journals: Uchukuzi Transport Policy & Research Journal
    • Get featured and publish your work in our Journal and website
    • On-line access to the proceedings of past conferences
    • Access to consulting opportunities
    • Free access to our quarterly networking events and network with other transportation professionals
    • Access to our conferences, seminars, and webinars
    • Liaison with government agencies and development partners working in the transportation space
    • Opportunities to contribute to the planning of future national and international conferences through participation in Special Working Groups
    • Associate Membership Card

    Contact us!


     +254 719 282 866 | +254 741 024 622


    Physical Location

    4th Floor, Flamingo Towers , Upperhill Nairobi, Kenya


    Monday – Friday: 8.00am – 5.00pm



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