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Public Transport Legal, Regulatory & Policy Reforms Program

This program seeks to identify existing gaps, challenges and opportunities in the legal, regulatory and policy framework that governs the public transport sector. The sector is governed by various Acts of Parliament, Regulations, County legislation and the Constitution of Kenya 2010. For the sector to thrive and serve the public well, it needs a vibrant legal framework that is aligned to the ideals of a safe, efficient, clean and sustainable public transport.

Under this program, we undertake audits of the existing legal, regulatory and policy framework with a view of identifying areas of improvement. We engage all stakeholders including government agencies, county governments, public transport operators, civil society organizations, development partners and passengers to get their views on various proposals for reforms.

Access to Corporate Financing

Access to financing is a major challenge for the sector. The sector relies heavily on loans from commercial banks and credit companies. Financial institutions give loans to individual borrowers who meet strict requirements for the loans.


The individual borrower then invests in the sector by purchasing buses/vehicles. The individual borrower bears the risk for the loan and has to ensure that the loan is repaid back with interest. The PSV Sacco/Company is not party to the loan and only provides the investor with a route and stage/terminus for the investor to operate his/her.

Under this program, we have partnered with financial institutions to develop a financing mechanism helps PSV Saccos/Companies to access financing as corporate entities for onward investment in bigger better buses, systems and offer quality public transportation services to passengers. The financing is tailormade to the needs of the PSV Sacco/Company.

The PSV Sacco/Company is taken through thorough training on various aspects of public transport provision and management. After the training, the PSV Sacco/Company is helped to restructure their business and adopt a new business model that addresses the needs of the passengers and workers; adopts technology in their operations and undertake a contractual obligation before accessing financing. The financing is a loan that must be repaid with affordable interest rates.

Public Transport Training & Capacity Building Program

We undertake intensive training and capacity building for different stakeholders including government officials, public transport operators, and workers. The training is geared to help in equipping participants with skills and knowledge on various aspects of public transport. The training takes the form of workshops, seminars, conferences and educational tours.

We develop tailor-made training courses for different stakeholders. Our current training programs include”

  1. Professional Commercial Driver Training Course – aimed at equipping commercial drivers both passenger and cargo drivers acquire the necessary skills to enhance their professional competency and road safety.
  2. E-Mobility Training Course for PSV Sacco/Companies – the course is aimed at helping operators in the public transport sector in Kenya gain an understanding of electric vehicle, financing of electric vehicles, operations of electric vehicles and transitioning from ICE vehicles to electric vehicles.

We also help build the capacity of the sector through proactive approach to challenges affecting the sector and development of solutions that addresses the challenges. Under the Uchukuzi Safety Training and Research Institute, that is under registration and approval, we hope to train all cadres of professionals working in the public transport sector.

At the moment we are undertaking intensive training and capacity building exercises targeting operators in the larger Nairobi Metropolitan Area. The objective is to sensitize the operators on the provisions of the Nairobi City County Transport Act 2020 and the Regulations that the Nairobi City County is developing. The Act has radical proposals that if implemented, will affect the way the operators conduct their businesses. They lack the capacity to implement some of the proposals. At the end of the capacity building, we intend to help them enter into an Enhanced Partnership Framework Agreement with the County to provide for transitional period during which their capacity will be enhanced.

Transform Public Transport Leadership Program

The Transformational Public Transport Leadership Program is devoted to developing exceptional public and private sector leaders to serve the transportation industry.

The Program provides individuals in mid-level to senior management positions with opportunities to improve leadership skills, enhance their leadership competencies, and work with peers and mentors in the transportation industry.

The Program cultivates leadership excellence in a diverse group of professionals who are committed to building and maintaining a world-class transportation system in an environment that is constantly changing.

We host the Transform Transport Leadership Conference & Expo for public transportation professionals to engage in workshops, experience technical tours, and network with colleagues. Keynote speakers and educational sessions explore cutting-edge topics, including transformative technology, community building, innovative funding, and finance, safety and security, workforce development, mega projects, and more. 

At the end of the conference, we host the National Public Transportation Leadership Awards to celebrate great leaders and excellence in public transportation sector.

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