How we Create Impact

How We Create Impact

To achieve our vision for a transportation system that fosters economic vitality, conserves the environment and improves the quality of life for all, we adhere to a five-part theory of change:

i) Research

We conduct research and independent analysis – we study critical issues in transportation, provide recommendations and analyses that shape solutions and inform decision-making.

ii) Training

We translate our research into on-the ground knowledge and action, pilot new strategies, and codify our research through new tools and resources that can be adapted and scaled.

iii) Innovation

We act as a hub of an extensive network of innovative transportation professionals and leaders – we convene and empower cross-sector network of governments, business, non-profit and philanthropic leaders at all levels who work together to solve problems, develop new solutions, and advocate for broader reforms.

iv) Advocacy

Encourage government to adopt policy reforms and implement best practices that facilitate innovations and solutions.

v) Investments​

Mobilize resources for onward investment in innovative transportation solutions.