NAPTA has entered into a collaboration agreement with the Institute for Development Studies of the University of Nairobi (IDS-UON) to champion the transformation of the public transport sector in Kenya. The collaboration will tap into the unique strengths of the two organizations to design, develop and implement different programs in the public transport sector.

IDS-UON is one of the oldest world-renowned development institutes that was founded on 8th October 1965. It is a premier multi-disciplinary and multi-purpose development research institute in the Eastern and Southern Africa region. The Institute carries out full time research on high priority area of socio-economic development in Kenya, Africa and the world in general. The Institute offers graduate Masters of Arts and PhD programs in Development Studies. The Institute is home to renowned researchers on transportation issues including Prof. Winnie Mitula and Prof. Melchizedek Khayesi.

At NAPTA, we are excited about this partnership that will see us create impact in the public transport sector. Key areas of collaboration with IDS-UON include hosting of various forums, summits and conferences to draw the attention of key stakeholders to the pressing challenges of the public transport sector. Hot on the heels of this collaboration is the upcoming Nairobi Metropolitan Area Matatu & Expo scheduled to take place on the 23rd & 24th May 2024 at the University of Nairobi. The Summit will bring together key stakeholders in the Matatu sector within the Nairobi Metropolitan Area to deliberate on the them Building the Capacity of Public Transport Providers to Access Affordable Financing for a Sustainable Public Transport in Nairobi.

We welcome this collaboration and we look forward to working together to transform our public transportation for posterity.