Our Programs

Transformational Public Transport Leadership Program

The Transformational Public Transport Leadership Program is devoted to developing exceptional public and private sector leaders to serve the transportation industry. The Program provides individuals in mid-level to senior management positions with opportunities to improve leadership skills, enhance their leadership competencies, and work with peers and mentors in the transportation industry. The Program cultivates leadership excellence in a diverse group of professionals who are committed to building and maintaining a world-class transportation system in an environment that is constantly changing.

East African Sustainable Mobility Conference & Expo

The East African Sustainable Mobility Conference & Expo is a premier gathering of transportation leaders across East African whose objective is to generate and disseminate knowledge on sustainable mobility in the region. The conference brings together government, private sector, civil society organizations and international development organizations to examine solutions to challenges affecting transportation in general and propagate the attainment of sustainable transportation on the African continent. The inaugural conference will be held in April 2023.

Professional Commercial Driver Training Program

The Professional Commercial Driver Training Program is aimed at helping drivers who are in any form of employment and holding a valid driving license to acquire skills and enhance their professional competency and enhance road safety. The Course is based on EAC Standard Curriculum for Commercial (Freight & Passenger) Curriculum.

The program takes 21 days to complete. The instructors are highly qualified individuals certified by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA). Upon successful completion, they are awarded a CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE. The Certificate is a recognized by NITA and NTSA. Upon completion, the drivers are enrolled in our Professional Drivers Agency for follow ups, monitoring and support, and career progression.

Transform Transport Leadership Conference & Expo

Transform Transport Conference & Expo is the flagship event for public transportation professionals to engage in workshops, experience technical tours, and network with colleagues. Keynote speakers and educational sessions explore cutting-edge topics, including transformative technology, mental health awareness, community building, innovative funding, and finance, safety and security, workforce development, mega projects, and more. The inaugural conference is scheduled to be held in October 2023.