Road safety is something important that has to be followed at all times to ensure the safety of the operators of a vehicle, passengers, and pedestrians. In fact, road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death among people aged between 15 and 29 years. Traffic rules and guidelines have to be set in place and strictly followed so that serious accidents and injuries can be averted.

The measures and methods taken to establish road safety include the use of various road safety products. Well-designed and uniquely engineered road safety products ensure the constant safety of vehicles and pedestrians. These road safety products intimate people about parts of a road they should avoid and accident-prone zones as well as simply organize traffic and vehicles in an orderly manner.

Some important road safety products that are used worldwide are road barriers, road fences, and safety barricades.

Road Barriers

Road light barriers are mounted on the dividers that separate roads. They are positioned to increase the visibility of the dividers.

Some of the important features of road barriers are:

  • Road barriers do not usually rust, chip or peel due to the high quality of their material. This also makes them maintenance free.
  • Manufactured from premium grade UV stabilized virgin polyethylene material.
  • The slots in the barriers are made to deflect the wind, preventing them from being uprooted.
  • The road barriers have been designed to withstand high wind pressure generated by moving vehicles.
  • Retroreflective strips are attached in the opposite direction of the traffic lights.
  • Road barriers are also more effective, more stable and safer compared to conventional products such as drums and posts which are sometimes used to form temporary barricades.